Star Trek Discovery

So the new Star Trek series has a name and a ship!

Gotta admit, she’s not the prettiest but I’ll take it over nothing. She’s also another ship that avoids the weaknesses in the classic Star Trek ship design, as I mentioned in my posted on the Enterprise in ‘Beyond’.

It’s been stated that this series take place in the original ‘prime’ timeline. The details on the ship suggest that it is post NX-01 but pre- Kelvin, so it could still be part of the history for both timelines if set before the Kelvin was destroyed.

Luckily, outside the US, this series will be on Netflix so thankfully I don’t have to sign up for yet another streaming service. With the entire back catalogue of Trek already there, the Netflix subscription is really proving it’s worth.

Doctor Strange Trailer 2

Wow… That’s insane.

This is looking like it could be one of the most visually spectacular films ever made. I may have to break my ‘No 3D’ rule for this one. Also, that shot of him flicking his cape on is fantastic.

Interesting to see a new logo for ‘Marvel Studios’. I guess it’s there to help make more a distinction between MCU films and the licensed films such as X-Men.

The Spirit of Vengeance is coming to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4

GHOST RIDER! With angry looking eye sockets no less!

I love Ghost Rider. Yeah, the films weren’t the best, but seeing the Rider on screen and wasting people is ridiculously entertaining.

Interestingly they’re not starting with the bike riding Johnny Blaze, but with the latest ‘All New’ version from the comics, Robbie Reyes, who drives a muscle car. In the comics, he has more of a helmet-like skull rather than a natural one, so it seems like they’re blending the looks of different versions together a bit. I would have liked to see Marvel do the classic Ghost Rider on a Bike in his own series ( which could easily still happen), but I’m super curious to see where they go with him in Agents of Shield. He’s a wildly different to anything Coulson and his team have come up againt before.

Marvels Netflix shows at Comic Con 2016

Ok, a bunch of things to get though here…

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Roboteers Standby…


In the past few days the BBC finally gave us a date;


We’re just one week away from the return of Robot Wars!


Meet the House Robots

The BBC have released an explanation/preview of Robot Wars and the new House Robots. It’s a very nicely made video, with editing and cinematography similar to Top Gear’s films. I love the way the logo assembles at the end, I hope that’s actually used in the show’s titles.

A few things of note regarding the House Robots;

  1. Shunt’s axe it powerful enough to lift the rest of the machine into the air. He definitely looks better from the other end, but I don’t like how his armour seemed to be wobbling around on top when he moved
  2. Matilda’s whole ‘head’ lifts with her tusks, which look very high powered. I’m not keen on the holes (whick look like the show’s logo) cut into her disc weapon though.
  3. Dead Metal appears to have light effects giving him recognisable ‘eye’ features for the first time. It was pretty cool seeing only the ‘eye’s moving in the shadows.
  4. It looks like Sir Killalot’s head can look up and down for effect. His ‘back’ looks a bit narrow and slim though. I would have preferred an overall chunkier appearance like the original.

It’s also interesting that they again showed the originals before transitioning into the new builds.

Robot Wars website brings plenty of information and some surprises!


The official website for the new Robot Wars has just gone live and brought with it a lot of exciting information

Not only does it provide profiles of the House Robots, but profiles of all the competitors as well and guess what?…



This is both exciting and worrying for me. I love seeing Razer in action; it’s a great robot with an excellent driver, which gives them a good a chance. But there’s no avoiding that it is, even with upgrades, a comparatively old machine now. Some damage is unavoidable, but I don’t want to see such a legend get completely trashed.

The website details the new arena, which appears more like a fighting pit than a raised stage. It has four hazards in symmetrical placements; The pit of oblivion, flame pit, floor flipper and a grid or raising floor spikes.The arena walls are now free of obstructions which robots used to get caught on. It also appears that they are extra tall with a lower section in the middle of each side. This looks like it will lessen the dominance that flippers have had on the live circuit by making it harder to throw opponents out of the arena. Of course, the biggest hazards are the House Robots, who once again reside in the corner patrol zones (CPZs). Until they get bored that is…

There is also further information on the format for the tournament along with the judges and presenters. On the fun side of things there are videos to watch, wallpapers and audio to download, and even a shop for merchandise.

They’ve done a really good job with this website and it seems like more content will be added as the series is broadcast.

Give it a look at


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