DVD release of Star Trek is missing features

Ok, this makes me mad.

I was expecting the Blu-ray release to have a few extras that weren’t on the DVD, like the ship viewer and online link-up, but those use the extra features of BR players.

For some stupid reason paramount have decided not to include many of the bonus featurettes on the DVD.

I was really looking forward to those. It’s not even like they have BR’s capacity as an excuse, as the BR set comes on three discs anyway where the DVD is on two. They could have easily made the DVD set a three disc set and included everything.

I’m a student, I can’t afford to buy a Blu-Ray player and a decent TV to make it worth while. Especially as Blu-Ray will be obsolete soon anyway. The market is moving to digital downloads and Holographic storage is looking very promising.


Oh, and just incase that wasn’t bad enough, Europe gets screwed once more. Our version doesn’t even have the digital copy the Americans get.


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